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DAY & NIGHT (Youm Wi Lelah)  intends to be the official voice of the Arab Community in the USA through its Radio & Magazine. It serves as a forum for the expression of opinions, thoughts and feelings as well as an avenue for knowledge. It serves as a voice for organizational news, cultural, social, and humanitarian activities. It serves as a symbol of Arab heritage and their contributions to civilization.
The articles appearingDAY & NIGHT (Youm Wi Lelah) and opinions expressed in them are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher.

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  • Tarek Abouabsi

    Editor in Chief
  • Karima Chami

    Assistant Editor in Chief Arabic Language Consultant & Editor
  • Hani Kashou

    Sound Engineer
  • Ruba Afifi

    English Language Consultant & Editor
  • Jad El-Hajj

    Translation Service
  • Maya El Murr

    Website Designer
  • Patrick Chukelu

    Legal Advisor
  • Daniel T Dib

    Legal Advisor